The Offroad Recovery Network

Providing tech tools and resources for Good Samaritans and Offroad Recovery Groups


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An Offroad Recovery Network for those unexpected moments (ahem, "adventures") on the trail.
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Request Recovery

Request an offroad recovery at and share the URL to nearby offroad recovery groups.

Share specifics

Make it easier for responders to help you by sharing important details such as your name, vehicle info, and tools that they might need (your location and a Google Maps link are automatically included).

Upload Photos

Upload photos of the incident to help Good Samaritans prepare their offroad recovery approach and tools.

Update status

Forget the days of confusion. Using your recovery landing page, know whether help is on the way or if someone has already been recovered in real time.


Offroad Recovery Group Organizers

Would you like to adapt our tools to your needs? We've spent countless hours talking with non-profits that help other people in need of offroad recoveries. Contact us to learn how we help different offroad recovery groups in their mission.


About The Offroad
Recovery Network

This passion project was born out of a desire to give back to the community. All of this offroad recovery technology is free for Good Samaritans and non-profits.
No ads, no asking for donations. Our intention is simply to give back to this helpful community we call family.

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